Rikchik (rikchik) wrote,

Mawaru Penguindrum relationship map (Spoilers in PDF)


I enjoyed the recent anime series Mawaru Penguindrum. This is a map of the inter-character relationships, as best as I could make them out. Spoilers, naturally.

I did my best to duplicate the subway-map aesthetic that appeared in the series. The series (and the actual Tokyo Metro) uses the font Frutiger for its roman-character signage. Sadly, I don't have Frutiger but Futura seemed closer to it than Helvetica.

I'm very happy with the Postscript code I wrote to create this. I have a big dictionary of "people" that looks like this:

    % name     x   y   firstname  secondname  type
    /Person   [4.5 7.5 (Living)   (Human)     0]
    /Erased   [6.5 7.5 (Erased)   (or Killed) 1]
    /Nonhuman [6.5 5.5 (Nonhuman) (Entity)    2]

And a list of connections that looks like this:
    % start  startlabel           endlabel end       type
    [/Person (BLOOD RELATIONSHIP) dup      /Erased   1]
    [/Person (OTHER CONNECTION)   dup      /Nonhuman 0]

Followed by code that iterates through both and draws everything appropriately. Complicated connections like the one in the lower right just have a list of [x y] pairs after the connection type. Hopefully I'll get a chance to reuse this code someday.
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